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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Don't download nor upload anything to MEGA, it could hog your network and it's not free!

Several downloads or file sharing services are around there but for example, some firmwares are being uploaded to the site MEGA and the last time I revisited that, my whole upload bandwidth was eaten by the site using Firefox. I don't know, but they use some weird way for downloading via browser cache so you can't use a download accelerator and you could be shutlinked at any moment according to the "traffic" on that service. Better use uTorrent. For example now I'm sharing the E5633 lollipop russia generic (android 5.1) at: Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent
E5633_30.1.B.1.55_R3A_Russia Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent

MEGA File Sharing Service is not Free! Avoid it.
Update: Posting to NRG Tech Tips ftf firmware for Xperia E5663
Download Link:!opgX1YRK!urL6_i1esm_nD-tiwyinzICgMGGkSU33HaxNclu246Q

Mirror: E5663_30.1.B.1.33_R7A_India Generic_1298-2221.ftf.torrent
We couldn't find the stock 5.1 firmware for Latin-America region, but we already tested the ftf of Android 5.0 (E5663_30.0.B.1.33_1297-3937_Customized-MY). When flashing to the phone some warnings appeared and the overall functions are totally fine, no issues except the built-in software updater is not working, the app downloaded update package from 5.0 to android 5.1 but when applying it, the android robot appears on the screen but immediately the Xperia M5 Dual restarts and failed to update the software.

Full directory:

So next step is as we saw in some forum, install the update using the full firware we are sharing here but not checking "wipe userdata" and see if personal data remains. Do not try this at home, at least not without making a backup. And if your battery is fine, we don't recommend updating the firmware when it is working in normal condition. Yeah, we know, 5.1 update comes with several bug fixes and makes the phone more battery efficient, but perhaps is not worth the risk or loosing files or even, hope never happens to you, brick it.

 Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent Generic_1297-3945.ftf.torrent

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dump for recovery v700 (Must be rooted)

In this tutorial you will learn how to root a LG tablet with LGONECLICKROOT and then how to dump the bulk data from internal storage partition to your PC. Let's start with the first and most tedious part, rooting and using cygwin, which must be linked to adb by using one or two methods available, This is not a very effective process but we doubt anyone of us have a FBI lab to read the contents of the memory directly with forensic equipment.

If you are getting the stuck screen at command prompt "SPECIAL COMMAND" like the one below it could be due to encryption. First decrypt the tablet doing a complete backup because you could loose all your files in the process if something happens.
Stuck at "Special Command, enter, leave".
By decrypting the tablet, it didn't stuck at the same screen but in the end of the running screen you are asked to type somehing.

1) Next step is to install BusyBox for Android, probably you don't need help here.

2) Once installed, re-encrypt the tablet including empty space sectors (FULL ENCRYPTION) and when the process is done connect the tablet to pc.

3) We hope you already linked android-sdk to cygwin so open a cygwin terminal and type manually
adb forward tcp:5555 tcp:5555 and press INTRO. In windows 8.1 the copy and paste failed and we don't recommend copy/paste method for some buggy reason pretty hard to explain here.

4) Enter the command adb shell

5) Enter the command su
*If it is the first time, you have to grant permission by unlocking the screen and accepting any request made by the SUPERUSER If you missed, just re enter the command and next time the request will display on a tablet again, but for a few seconds.
Grant permission to SUPERUSER by unlocking the screen.
Finally you will end with a screen like this.

6) Enter the command (but for me only worked if I wrote manually):
/system/xbin/busybox nc -l -p 5555 -e /system/xbin/busybox dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p34
*nothing special happens, mmcblk_p__ could be differentl some tutorials will tell you to dump the entire flash memory and others will explain how to figure out which number is the partition containing your personal data.

7) Open another cygwin instance by clicking the shortcut again and enter:
a) adb forward tcp:5555 tcp:5555
*nothing happens

b) cd /nexus

c) nc 5555 | pv -i 0.5 > mmcblk0p34.raw
 * Vertical Bar is alt+0124, source website.
* and you should see some flowing logs like:
Cygwin32 can run more than one instance for this job. You don't need cygwin64 in 64-but Windows OS
And this could take some time, between half an hour and 45 minutes.

Then you can open a command prompt at android sdk platform tools folder to "eject" the tablet, in our test we just unplug it without risks but if you want to:

8) Finally you will end with a big file with around 11GB in size that you must convert with vhdtool.exe, again, using a command prompt. This will make the raw file we have just created readable by Windows. The process takes a few miliseconds!
The process of converting the raw file takes no time.
9) Go to Nexus directory (the source website was recovering files from a nexus tablet so, it kept as it) where you must have the vhdtool (it is just a portable exe) and the mmcblk0p34.raw and open a command prompt to run the command: vhdtool /convert mmcblk0p34.raw
VHDTool.exe will do the trick
As shown before, the process is inmediate.
10) Open the disk management console and attach a new vhd:
a) For sure you don't need help where to find the disk management console of Windows

b) Browse for the file

c) Select from the drop menu not to filter any extension *.* and open it.

d) Click OK!

e) Oops, this error could happen in Windows 8.1
 f) Enable show hidden extensions and rename it from *.raw to *.vhd, don't care about the warning about changing the filename extension.
f) Enable show hidden extensions and rename it from *.raw to *.vhd

g) Now you should be able to attach the vhd so repeat the process and initialize it as shown here:
h) Select GPT partition

i) Right Click over the disk to create a new volume with that information, without formatting, with default allocation size.
i) Create a new volume with that information, without formatting, with default allocation size.

j) Cancel the pop-up once new volume and letter are ready.

11) Now go to My Computer and look for the new drive, format with default allocation size iin FAT32, using quick mode!

12) Your drive should be ready to be scanned by Recuva. We don't recommend using another software as getdataback for fat because they don't have simple user interface, lot of options and in exchange this one will do the job with ease.

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