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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What you don't wanna loose after a hard-reset or smartphone full O.S. reinstall

What you don't wanna lose after a hard-reset or smartphone full O.S. reinstall

Here we help you not to forget backing up these things when you flash or perform a factory or hard-reset in your Android Device:

1) Wi-Fi Settings
If you travel often, you don't wanna lose those memories about the wifi from your hotel!

2) Check if your whatsapp associated line is still active
In case you've changed your phone and line number for new ones, take care about the expiring date of your SIM due to inactivity, in Argentina this time is not very clear, sometimes a simcard can be offline for months and be still active, and sometimes in two months your old phone number has gone. If you hardreset your device, the whatsapp number must be verified again and if your simcard is expired, you won't be able to view your old messages in your old phone again, databases for these are encrypted in an unknown format and at the moment we don't know any method of decypting those "msgstore" files.You cannot copy the backed up whatsapp folder from your PC to the internal storage and restore this backup activating whatsapp for the first time using another phone number but only the last associated one. If the phone number entered when activating whatsapp matches with the backup previously copied to the internal storage, a prompt will appear and you will be able to restore all the messages. If the backup does not match with the entered number, nothing will appear and the backup will be overwritten.

3) Pictures
You cannot choose where to save the screenshots, so be sure you backup them.

3) Recordings
If you use built-in recording app you'll wanna backup the entire folder to your harddrive.

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