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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Facebook and its common advances against the freedom of speech

If you posted your net radio stream url / ip, now you are done. Zuckerberg has decided to suppress every post without any warning containing a shoutcast stream ip.  The post is:

"Now playing 24/Nov 11:00p.m. (GMT-3) "THE RUSH" 303, by the American DJ PESTY a.k.a. Steven Hardy.
To listen NetRadio ENERGY (Argentina);
1) Visit with your android phone the address so you can listen to the radio directly from the web!
2) Or with the link using VLC for Android. Also works for Winamp and Windows Media on PC. (In Windows 8.1 *.wpl is not working if no codec pack like K-Lite is yet not installed)

Desktop Version URL:
Mobile Version Tiny URL: (This don't work in a PC browser)
Warning: Several posts from August to November had disappeared, we think facebook censoring us because between those months we attached a request for solidarity for a kidnapped child of our resident DJ, Avionics and this social network supports everything related or against the left wing agenda"

We were wondering last days what happened to our posts between August and November and in a shortly investigation we discover if we exclude the stream ip of Net Radio ENERGY (Argentina), the post pass, if not, you get:

"Sorry, something went wrong.

We are working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can."

Attempting to publish a full post of  DJ show which includes 
Shoutcast IP Address. (
But at the time we are writing this article now we are getting an specific error! It depends whether you are posting using m.facebook, if you include only the ip address of the shoutcast stream or add some text like "test".

But, hold on why are you posting using the mobile version while using a full desktop PC? Weeell, is quite obvious programmers make scripts and software every time and every day more dense and worse optimized and at the time of writing this article (11/24/2018) it's almost imposible to view anything within facebook on desktops. It does not matter if you are using Chrome or Firefox, loading times are ridiculously slow. Perhaps if you have +10mbps internet connection and high-end PC or laptop, only if you have that, perhaps you will be able to view and use the desktop version of Facebook Social Network. Not even say that the entire website has almost the same million lines of code as Windows 10. In our case we are writing using a modest laptop with a dual core Intel CPU and 4gigs of RAM, you can even play Half-Life 2 without any problems!! But facebook? Don't talk about it! Nowadays vast majority of users visit the website by the app for Android and iOS. Do you wanna hear more? If you post too much text in there, lags becomes a problem. In the case of the adverts of weekly podcasts of our net radio, the text is already a copy and paste where little things are being modified or edited every time.

Attempting to publish a full post of  DJ show which includes
Shoutcast IP Address. ( (img.2)

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