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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Torrent Sony Vegas, full of viruses warning!
that link contains a fake sony vegas installer infested with trojan and viruses, keep away from that.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Factory Reset Bravia KDL-32W655A for Youtube App Fix, hangs, freezes, stuck.

Factory Reset Bravia KDL-32W655A for Youtube App Fix, useful when it hangs, freezes, or get stuck.

This can happen, better said is a known bug where SONY is the culprit. The problem happens when you link your smartphone with the TV to play content with it. When you click on the mini tv icon with w

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Missing share button on facebook, its official, censorship is the cause!

Since various years ago we were noticing that share button on our posts categorized as "friends only" began no dissappear. Some times and time to time a friend of you for aure told about sharing button not appearihn as usual. Well, this wasn't some hidden function in privacy options not even one you can access only thru facebook for desktop. It was the beggining of a strategy for the common censorship goal the company from palo alto used us to be, the increase in the censorship of the largest social network available. We were analyzing wheter is necessary or not to implement "legally" the supression of the share button when you share something to friends only. And the analisys we have made give us the result this is not a tecnical featuere but another step from facebook to censor us and to make the opposite we want as users from the site. Not even talking about facebook for dekstop is almoat impossible to use flawsly and the vast majority use the app for android but the app doesn't have all the options you found in the desktop version. Or example custom privacy levels in your post, you have some useless levels for example share the post with users in your area. That never worked for me. Facebook didn't make this change in our benefit but only thinking in their. Someone would be thinking "perhaps Facebook wanna protect yor privacy and not making possible sharing a post intended for your friends only to go semi-public if friends of friends start to share it till is completely viewed by your entire city". That could be a good reason for this major change but dont trust them, the purpose is biassed. If the post you make is intended for friends only they could simply give you the decision whether to hide or show the button or if it is better, allow to hide the original poster in case it goes viral. In a common case, a guy has some of his relative in friends but he doesnt wanna have his direct relatives as a brother or sister with no very good relationship. So, making sharable a post to your friends only is legit, you dont wanna make it friends of friends because your relative for sure will have in his list your sisters'. And in this case, your sister will be able to see your post and you imagine... if you dont have a good relationship that could led to discussion.

So right now the only thing you can do is to change the public to friends of friends (you can do this only in desktop version) or worse, make it public. Then the missing button will show up.

Numark DJ io timed out driver install error

Problem was quite easy to solve, if you are installing this usb external soundcard under xp, you probably need for sure attach the external ...