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Monday, July 22, 2019

Setting Up a IIS FTP server on Windows 8.1 (Quite Hard!)

As it was in Windows XP, just a few clicks to create an IIS FTP server but this is not the case, although you needed Windows CD-ROM, or the other way around, with Windows 8.1 you don't need any disk but the process is not the same and it may lead to "bugs" if not done properly.

1) Turn on Windows Features or on
2) Mark whole FTP Server and within "Web Management Tools" mark "IIS Management Console", "IIS Management Scripts and Tools" and "IIS Management Service".
3) Now open the IIS Management Console, in this case I use ClassicShell for a classic start menu, is highly recommended.
4) Right Click to add a new FTP Site and fill the boxes with this info, I don't feel very safe sharing through ftp the whole drive.
5) Next step is very important, we don't wanna mess with advanced features, just put basic authentication or you won't be able to log in:
6) to be continuated

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